Raw Clover Honey

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Clover Honey, a native UK delight, boasts a unique taste harvested from June to August. Our industrious bees create this treasure in Essex and Kent. This honey is a wellness champion, aiding digestion. A delicious wonder with natural sweetness.

Raw Clover Honey – 340g

Clover Honey, a homegrown favorite, emerges as a native delight in the UK’s blossoming landscapes. This exquisite honey variety graces us with its unique essence during the blooming season, typically from June to August. Our diligent bees, residents of the 120 Hives in Essex and Kent, diligently gather nectar and pollen from these captivating clover plants to craft their delectable honey, a ritual we honor with every season’s extraction.

Clover Honey is not just a treat for the taste buds; it’s a treasure chest of natural benefits. Revered for its numerous properties, this honey is reputed to enhance overall well-being. It’s known aid in digestion, and even provide a gentle energy boost.

Honey, a true wonder of modern cuisine, not only imparts its natural sweetness but also delivers a wealth of goodness. Explore the world of Clover Honey, a delicious gift from the heart of our gardens.





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